Poetry Topic: My Favorite Season

                                                        "A Nature Poem"                                                                                                          By Agatha, 4th Grade                             

 The trees hit the breeze                                                                                                  Its stems and leaves swish in air                                                                                    Now let me tell you more!                                                                                              When winter comes the air is like ice                                                                              But don’t be sad                                                                                                              Summer will come again next year                                                                            The tree will still grow                                                                                                      Do not let it go!                                                                                                                Nature gives you power                                                                                                  Don’t you see                                                                                                                  It gives you the wants and needs


"Signs of Spring"

When the snow melts away,
And it’s rainy and gray
And the birds are beginning to sing…

Trees have tender green buds,
And the Earth turns to mud-
That’s how you can tell it is spring!

No more mittens and boots,
No more bulky snow suits,
It’s too warm to wear those things!

Flowers bloom everywhere,
Their perfume fills the air-
That’s how you can tell it is spring!

This is My Story

“Wily Jack”
  by Richard, 5th Grade

                  Once when I walked in the park, I made a friend named Jack, but you may call him “Wily Jack.”  Later I will tell you how and why he got that name.  Jack doesn’t live in my neighborhood.  He lives somewhere near the city.  He lives in a RV.

                  Jack told me he was a prankster, a person who pulls pranks.  He does the “Hot Sauce Drink,” the “Whoopee Cushion Sit,” the” Joy Buzzer,” and more!  In fact, his pranks were so awesome, he was nick-named “Wily Jack!”  That wash of greatness was how he got that name.

                  A couple of months after Jack’s reign, a new prankster was in town.  He called himself “Wily Willy.”  Jack was jealous and he felt replaced.  In fact, he challenged Willy to a prank war.  The war was to prove who was the best prankster.  The rules were, don’t take any advice, whoever cheats automatically loses, and the first to forfeit loses.  Willy accepted the challenge.

                  Willy pulled seven pranks and Jack pulled four pranks.  Willy’s pranks were the Ants in My Pants, the Sticky Mat (you spray stickum on a door mat and when someone steps on it their  feet  get  stuck), Glue-teus (you put glue on a chair and when someone sits down they get stuck), the Minty Coke (you tie a Mentos to a string, put it in a Coke bottle but don’t let it touch the liquid, and twist the cap back on, so when someone opens it the Coke fizzes to the top and then explodes when it reaches the Mentos), the Toilet Water Bottle, the Grease Board (you put grease on someone’s skateboard wheels) and the Bleu Cheese Fountain (you put bleu cheese dressing in the pipes of a water fountain so bleu cheese comes out when someone gets a drink). 

                  Jack’s pranks were the Pie Catapult (you throw a pie in someone’s face from a distance), the Spicy Cream Cheese deodorant, the Fake Love Letter, and the Sticky Banner (you put glue on the football team’s banner so that it sticks to the players when they burst through it before the game).  Willy is the school’s star running back, so he got stuck in the banner!

                  When Jack was losing the prank war, he found an earphone that was still turned on with Willy’s name written on it.  He put it to his ear and heard a voice saying, “Hey, I know another prank to help win the war!”  Jack was very angry.  Willy had been taking advice!

                  Soon, Jack confronted Willy and Jack automatically won!  Everyone cheered for Jack and said, “You’re the greatest prankster!” 

                  “Thank you, thank you.  I love you all!” said Jack.